Sunday, April 10, 2011

Birth, Marriage & Forgiveness

In genesis man and woman were told to "cleave to one another and multiply and replenish the earth." I don't believe this commandment was given merely for us to populate our world. I think we are supposed to bear children because it is a way for us to grow individually and as a couple.

Due to the nature of birth, there is a great requirement for LOVE. Love casts out fear. Fear is not of God. Not only does our quality of love during pregnancy help us to have better births, because it allows us to be conduits of love which overcomes fear, (which in fact causes pain,) it also gives our child a better womb atmosphere. This is what I refer to as "spiritual prenatal care."

Dr. Verny, in the book, Secret Life of the Unborn Child, presents how a woman's emotions can adversely affect her in utero child, especially if her negative emotions are toward her husband.

Because there is always opposition here on earth, the amazing heights of love we can achieve during pregnancy and birth are hindered by stress, anger and resentment. Pregnancy, a time of heightened spiritual and emotional awakening for many women, is also a time of heightened stress for many reasons. Some of those are finances, childbirth decisions, fear of birth, and physical changes.

Often expectant women find themselves frustrated with their husbands. The great demands she faces may cause her to have greater needs or expectations toward her husband that he may not be fulfilling. Because of this many marriages are compromised during pregnancy.

Studies have shown that domestic violence often increases during pregnancy. This is a symptom of the stress that expectant couples face.

It is my belief that the main way we are able to overcome marital conflict is by practicing forgiveness, which allows compromise. When we can learn to forgive our husbands for their weaknesses, for not meeting our expectations or desires, then we are able to regain or focus on our love for them.

The blessing we receive from this is that our unborn child's nervous system is healthier and our births can be more peaceful because we will be better able to work in harmony with our spouse and our body.

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