Saturday, March 05, 2011

My BlogTalk Radio Interview with Rebecca, Homebirth Mother

I just finished my first half hour radio show! Despite some initial technical difficulties, the show turned out great! If you enjoy the show please "Like" the "MamaBaig On The Air" Facebook page and you'll be alerted of future shows. Or you can click the "Follow" button on the blogtalkradio page.

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I was emailed this review from a listener:

I just listened to your first show and other than the technical difficulty at first I thought it went very smoothly. I really enjoyed your interview and loved her attitude. She talked about how much it meant to her to have home births but was very positive toward those who had theirs in the hospital. I thought it was a warm discussion between the two of you that really helped a listener know what a home birth is like.

I had expected more of a discussion on why you "should" have your baby at home and instead it was her very human story of her births.

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