Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The New Way of Monitoring Births

Wow! It has been sooo long since I last posted to this blog! I have been soo amazingly busy having been forced by the economy to work outside of the home (in addition to starting two home based businesses with my husband.) We have been so swamped that blogging has been far removed from my thoughts. But I will tell you that I miss discussing Birth!!!

So I played hookie today for the first time in months to check out the headlines and I was intrigued by this headline: Somerset Hospital Unveils new childbirth monitoring system.

All those people who think that their doctor will be by their side during their births might be surprised to hear that doctors prefer to monitor them from a distance.

I don't have much time to formulate thoughts on this. So I wonder what are your thoughts on this new method of monitoring?


Karen Joy said...

This part almost seems like a joke to me, if it weren't so true & sad: ""Technology allows us to stay closer to the patients,” he said. “I may be in my office, in the emergency room or down the hall with another patient. I will see a monitor, tell someone what to do and I will be on my way there.""

"Stay closer" is NOT "watch at a distance from a monitor". Ugh. Plus, that would certainly require women to be monitored the entire time they were in the hospital, right? No intermittent monitoring...

Susana said...

yes, it would seem that more monitoring would be required, which restricts a woman's movement.