Saturday, January 31, 2009

Avoid Anti-bacerial Soap When Pregnant

Years ago I wrote a guest columnist piece for my local newspaper in Colorado about American's growing obsession for anti-bacterial cleansers. Just today I read a post on this topic entitled Antibacterial Soaps: Unnecessary Risks. The author ends the post with the following caution:

While the research on the negative effects of antibacterial soaps is far from definitive, the evidence that they are no better at preventing illness than regular soap is... Exfoliation is the best way to rid your skin of bacteria... Most importantly, until more is known about antimicrobial chemicals, avoid them if you are pregnant or have an infant. If triclosan and triclocarban are dangerous to humans, the smaller the body, the greater the harm they can cause.

Friday, January 30, 2009

God's Will: Home or Hospital?

Denver's Chanel 7 News ran the story Home or Hospital Birth? Read the article in its entirety and watch the news video.

I want to highlight the following part of the article:

Although many studies provide conflicting data, most experts agree that about 16 percent of women planning to give birth at home are transferred to a hospital for delivery. One other British study found about 40 percent of first-time moms were transferred to a hospital.

Doctors say a homebirth is definitely not for you if you are diabetic, have high blood pressure or experience pre-term labor.

I was involved in a discussion this week about Unassisted birth. We were talking about the Lord's will for childbirth in regards to location as well as the stillbirth of babies. I have highlighted the above section of the channel 7 article because it ties in with what we were discussing.

You see, it is my belief that we need to use sobriety, or wisdom (which is only part of the meaning of sobriety, by-the-way) during pregnancy and birth. And I believe that it is generally wise to not plan a home birth in some instances like severe diabetes, high blood pressure, or pre-term labor.

I will now share with you part of my comment that I made in the discussion that I mentioned I was involved in this week about God's will for childbirth:

I think that God does care where we give birth in that every experience is part of our progression and in all things there is a right and wrong way. Not to say that we can make blanket statements, but for each one of us there seems to me that there must be a line of demarcation. I think that we must follow the spirit, or our feelings, and also act wisely.

1 tim 2:15 says we are to birth in faith, holiness, charity with sobriety. I think that sobriety means being alert and conscious on different levels, being aware and having wisdom.

I get confused sometimes because one could say, for example, that having twins at home in a birth pool unassisted is not wisdom, or in keeping with sobriety because it is putting babies at risk. But then on the other hand some would believe this to be the wisest and less risky. Who is to know? Especially if the mother and father don't feel strong spiritual promptings.

I guess we must seek confirmation about our choices and be willing to live with the consequences. This is where the faith comes in I think. Having the faith to accept where the chips fall.

Just because we are prompted to birth at home or uc does not mean that bad things may not happen. Although I think God favors life, death is part of this world and can not be denied as part of His will.

I don't pretend to have the answers. Just some thoughts.

The following is a well put response to my comment above:

I disagree. I think when stating principles you DO make blanket
statements, but you also understand that if there is an exception to
the rule, the spirit will guide you.

When we are talking about the true principles of birth (or anything
else for that matter) I think we will make blanket statements, but as
LDS women we should always understand that there are exceptions to be
governed by the Spirit. We understand that, but we should always
proceed towards the general rule unless acted upon by the Spirit, and
trust that if there is an exception, the Spirit WILL speak to us.

I guess it is for this reason that I don't think it necessary to
apologize or qualify statements. We all know that there might indeed
be a rare emergency in which a c-section is necessary, but is it a
rule or the exception. It is my thought that it is an exception only,
and not the kind of birth our bodies are meant to have. Exceptions
come in any sort of number and variety depending on the basic principle.

I think our culture has become more obsessed with the exceptions so as
not to hurt any feelings, that they have forgotten that there are
general rules and guidelines. Those principles, rules, or what have
you are there to help guide us in making our decisions. Even things
that appear set in stone can have their times when the Lord decrees
other wise (like not sinking in water?) if it suits His purpose, or in
mercy to us in our weakness, or as a challenge to us in our strength.

In re-reading that last sentence it sounds like I think any variations
are by design. I don't. I think there are three ways that trials
come about.
1. Rain falls on the just and the unjust. Some things just happen.
2. By choice. Ours or someone else's that leads to consequences.
3. By deliberate design-- God's or Satan's.

What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Charlotte Church Enjoys Home Waterbirth w/ Midwives reported on Charlotte Church's recent homebirth:

Charlotte Church and her rugby player BF Gavin Henson, 26, welcomed their second child this weekend.

“He was born just after midnight at her and Gavin’s home with Gavin in attendance at the birth,” the 22-year-old Welsh singer announced on her Web site Sunday.

“We can confirm that he weighed in at 7 lb., 5 oz., and that mum and baby are both doing just fine,” the posting reads.

The couple welcomed their first child, daughter Ruby Megan Heston, in September 2007.

According to Charlotte prefers home birth because of the freedom it provides. Apparently, during her labor she enjoyed listening to Phil Collins and eating Indian food. The Daily Mail reported that, "She was joined by two midwives as she delivered her baby in a birthing pool."

This is a video of Charlotte singing "O, Holy Night."

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Recent Homebirth and An Upcoming UC

A dear friend of mine just gave birth. I am not sure of all the details yet, but I believe she gave birth at home with the help of a midwife. Let me share some of Lori's story.

Her first birth was a traumatic hospital birth. She has since given birth UC 5 times. Her previous birth was the water birth of her twins. This being her eighth baby, and also being in a new part of the country, she decided to have a midwife present. This desire took her from their new home into their RV, to a church far away that employs a midwife. Yes, the church pastor had to interview them and give the green light for the midwife to assist them.

Even though they are not members of the church, (though they do share many beliefs) the church opened their arms to them and offered them a place to park the RV and use of their building.

Lori called me a couple of nights ago to tell me that the 10 pound baby had arrived safely after a hard, powerful labor. I can't wait for details.

The next thing I'd like to share is that a local friend of mine is planning a UC and has honored me with an invitation to be present at the birth. I feel a kind of burden to be spiritually right, and to understand her laboring needs, and just to get focused on her behalf.

Watch Dee's awesome homebirth video: zeke's homebirth

Temporal Artery Thermometer: Having Mercy on the Children

My friend Jenne wrote on her blog, Descent Into Motherhood, about the temporal artery thermometer. I left the following comment:

Can you believe a couple of years ago I had to take my daughter to Children's Mercy hospital in Kansas City (she had some crazy infection that made it look like she had a golf ball under her chin and they had to lance it etc... very awful) and the whole trauma began in triage when they insisted the only way they could take her temp was rectally. I was so upset.

I hate hindsight. I realized later that I should have just told them NO!!!

These kinds of situations are what makes it soo difficult to go to the doctor and also to have someone in attendance at birth. Even when we think to resist their obtrusive ways, it is usually difficult to fight for your rights. Then later you wish you had.

You'd think Children's Mercy would have mercy on the children and have some high-tech non-invasive gadget like this. Maybe I should make it a campaign......

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

20/20 Reports on "Orgasmic Childbirth"

Personally, I believe childbirth should primarily be a private husband/wife event and that viewing displays of affection as voyeurism. Therefore, I have no desire to watch the video Orgasmic Childbirth. I will share with you this abc report on the concept however, as the nudity has been blurred and it covers the whole topic well, in my opinion.