Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hospital Birth Causes Women To Be Ignorant About Childbirth

ScienceDaily.com reported today about a study that suggests that modern mothers are ignorant about childbirth, in part due to women birthing in hospitals.

Dr Angela Davis... said: “Geographical mobility means that women today more often live further away from family, which means they are less likely to have relatives on hand. Also most births take place in hospital so that very few women have been present at childbirth before they have their own child.”

The study also found that many women have no idea how to care for their baby, even though they had the desire to do so.

I think in Biblical terms that this is why we are to be and have Titus 2 women around us. The older, experienced women are supposed to help teach the younger women. We should be examples to young women in cooking, house keeping, birth, breastfeeding, sling wearing, and mothering.

If we are away from our mothers there should be other women whom we can seek out to help us. I think that many people don't do this these days. I think that this is because so many people aren't humble enough to ask for assistance, to seek out a mentor.

So many times I have tried to prick a young woman's heart. Once, while pregnant, I asked a group of girls if they'd ever felt a baby move and none of them had. (And one of them had a sister who'd just recently given birth!) I also nurse freely at church, in all of our meetings and I hope that the sisters, both young and old have been affected for good. Some times I will even speak of home birth to young women when the opportunity arises.

Unfortunately, at the last birth of my seventh child, my 16 year old daughter didn't end up witnessing the birth. I will always regret that I had sent her out just minutes before her baby brother was born. I know that she heard me laboring and that she was only in the next room, but I feel so sad that I robbed her of the opportunity of seeing a baby being born! She did come into our bathroom immediately after though, and was able to see her baby brother just seconds after entering the world.

May we all reach out to someone younger and someone wiser so that we may teach and learn.

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sarah said...

My mom had four babies at home with a midwife, and when I was eight I was allowed to attend the birth of my youngest sister. Now, as an adult, I still remember it vividly.