Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ever Thought of Birthing In A Hotel Room?

This is an interesting post. One woman, (who felt her apartment was too small to give birth in,) was recently encouraged by her midwife to give birth in a 5 star hotel. She declined this suggestion for several reasons: 1) germs 2) the 'ruckus' 3) the mess 4) it's too late to change plans since she's 38 weeks.

Of course I had to share with her my viewpoint, as I see things totally different than she is right now. The following are my thoughts:

1) Hospitals are very germy places! So much so that thousands of people die because of the germs they harbor.

2) As for the "ruckus".... yes, birth can be loud and overwhelming, but my 2 hospital births were louder and more painful than my home births. Why? I was terrified and forced to labor in bed. At my home births I had learned ways to minimize the pain and one of those is NOT lying in bed! I delivered 5 of my seven children at home and all were born out of the bed in various positions. I could share with you other things that I learned to help minimize pain if you'd like.
Also, hotels are pretty well insulated for noise, esp. a 5 star hotel!

3) As for birth being like a 'murder scene' you'd be amazed at how little blood there is generally at a home birth. I have never had any blood get on anything unintentionally, not carpet, blankets or even the bathroom floor! And only one baby was born in the bathtub. I just simply put down a sheet, some chux pads and a towel or two. The pads got thrown away and the towels washed. Simple!

4) As for changing plans this late...A friend of mine went from planning a medicated hospital birth to a medically unassisted birth in the same amount of time. Her birth was wonderful. If it is something that you want or feel led to, you can do it!!!!

5) Your apartment probably isn't too small to give birth in! You'd only have to accomodate you, your man, and the midwife/midwives. As for me I usually labor on the toilet, in the bathtub, or leaning onto a sofa. I only use one or two rooms. And I am sure that if you informed your neighbors of your plans they would be very excited for you. And remember, not all births take place at night! Three of mine happened during the day.

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