Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm A Nut! Support For My Stance Against STD Vaccine

Today I was labeled a nut for not marching my daughter down to the Dr. so that she can get the new HPV vaccine Gardisil. My belief that educating our daughter about abstinence, honoring her body and marriage will better protect her from STD's than a vaccine, has been ridiculed.

It is interesting that this happened today as I was planning on writing more about the vaccination anyway, as last night I came across some interesting info about the vaccination via a link on Jenny Hatch's blog.

I was verbally lambasted today for not stating that I doubt the efficacy of the vaccine. Well, I didn't say so in my earlier post, but yes, I do doubt the efficacy of the HPV vaccine which is being recommended for girls 9 and older.

The Children of God For Life blog has loads of informative articles about Gardisil. The following is just ONE of many statements, from ONE of many articles which cast doubts on this vaccine's ability to prevent cancer:

According to Merck's clinical study documents on Gardasil, 20,541 women ages 16 to 26 participated in four studies. The documents show some data is available on 9-year-old girls related to immune responses to the vaccine but not whether it prevents cancer.
Because most 9-year-old girls are not sexually active, it is not possible to test the effectiveness of Gardasil against cervical cancer, Mr. Haupt said. Instead, the clinical trials measured antibody responses against HPV as a proxy for cervical cancer.
Merck conducted two clinical trials that involved 1,121 girls ages 9 to 15, according to Merck's labeling documents for Gardasil.
"The clinical trials tested younger girls, but they only looked at immune response to the vaccine, not whether it prevented cervical cancer," Dr. Young said. "It has not been studied long enough to know that it prevents cervical cancer."

As I stated before, I will not give my daughter this vaccine. I completely agree with the following sentiment:

Planned Parenthood, the nation's leading abortion provider, builds its business by driving a wedge between parents and children. "Gardasil is a vaccination against a sexually transmitted virus, and parents should be the ones to decide whether their young daughters should receive these shots – not Planned Parenthood, and not the governor of any state. American Life League strongly opposes such a mandatory vaccine because it completely removes parents from these important medical decisions and makes children the innocent victims."

Bereit added, "Planned Parenthood's own internal documents show that the organization makes most of its income from sexually active, young, single women . Not only does Planned Parenthood stand to profit by selling these expensive HPV vaccines, but it also will profit enormously from the aftermath of the sexual promiscuity that will surely follow when young girls are led to believe they can be sexually carefree without consequence once they receive these shots." (from the American Life League press release, Texas Gov. Rick Perry betrays families with mandatory HPV vaccination orders.)

Thank heavens I'm not the only nut around.


tie-dyed doula said...

WELL IF YOUR A NUT THEN I'M A NUT TOO!!!!! THEN EVERY ONE THAT I KNOW ARE NUTS TOO!! So, does being a nut mean that I refuse to shoot my child up with mercury, aborted fetus tissue and anti-freeze?? For a vaccine with a pretend life span of 7 years? With no research but tons of profit?? For my children to be guinea pigs for Merck and poison barbarically poured into their bodies? HMMM...I MUST BE A NUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susana said...

Hey tie-dyed doula!

I'm glad we're BOTH nuts!