Monday, May 12, 2008

Share Your Thoughts

I created this page because I wanted somewhere for people to share a few words without it being related to a specific blog entry. So maybe you:

* Have a blog or know of a website you'd like to share.
* Have a birth story or a homebirth question.
* Have some ideas that would improve my blog.
* Or maybe you are just passing by and want to say hi.
No matter what I'd love to hear from you

Special thanks to Lisa Barrett for this idea!


tie-dyed doula said...

Well, my comment/thought today is that no matter how lonely we feel in our own community, when others may not agree upon certain things (home birth, breastfeeding, no-vacc, no circ etc...)that we feel strongly about, we can always find a friend with similar interests on the net! Woo Hoo!!!

The Eckerts said...

I love this idea, Susana. I just found it in your sidebar, and thought I had been missing it all along. Good to see you only wrote it yesterday :) I might do something similar. (I'll give you and Lisa thanks if I do.)

I love your blog. I love coming for inspiration and to see what you're up to. You are a great blog-friend!

Anonymous said...


I liked your youtube vid of birthing your 4th unassisted. (Your 7thchild?)
I am planning to have my 4th bub at home unassisted in Sept.


Susana said...

Hi Kym,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes, I recently had my 7th.

God bless you, your baby, your birth.


(look forward to your birth story :)

Elaina Marshall said...

Love your blog. Can't wait to share it.

Have you ever heard of a very old book that talks about the meaning of the curse in the Garden of Eden from the original language? The idea being that both curses were to add extra work(labor)not to actually curse men and women. I read most of it 10 years ago before my 1st was born and did not write the name of it down. Any help?

Anonymous said...

hi Lisa
Would love to have a conversation with you, just need to talk to a midwife prefer not to be public can I email you???

Enjoy Birth said...

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We are searching for blogs who may be a good fit for our tour and I couldn't find your contact information so I am leaving this comment instead.

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